Pressure washing fences flowery branch


Pressure washing fences flowery branch… Pressure washing a fence prior to painting or staining is the only thing to do, unless the fence is less than 3 months old. After 3 months it starts to build up grime and other contaminants in the grain and can smear or discolor the paint/stain color that you’re looking for. We at Georgia Wash like to use medium-high pressure with a special revolving tip to knock off any and all of that grime. Mild chemicals may also be used in order to achieve the best end product.
We will show and clean your fence inside and out, depending on what you prefer, and leave you with instructions on when you can start your painting or staining.

You’ll want to wait at least 24 hours – and obviously make sure it hasn’t rained or anything during that 24 hour period. If it’s really humid in your area, you may need to wait longer. You just want to be sure the fence is completely dry before applying any stain.

As for quick ways to apply stain, you can spray it on but be careful of running stain. If the stain does run you can go over it with a roller if you catch it quick enough. You can also roll the stain on. To be honest, though, you’ll get the best results by brushing the stain. Yes, it’s the slowest way to stain a deck but it produces the best results.

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