Oil Stain Pressure Washing Lawrenceville

Oil stain pressure washing Lawrenceville is something we do quite often. With the amount of cars and lawn equipment that leak a drop or 2 of oil onto driveways, theres more than enough of this type of pressure washing to go around. This requires the use of hot water equipment and some fairly caustic chemicals in order to remove stains that are over a month old. Not all oil stains can be removed though, keep that in mind. Regardless of the acid used or the PSI of the pressure washing equipment, some stains are under the surface of the concrete and will not come up. Sometimes its a multiple day job. We will come over and pretreat with a cleaner/degreaser and compound (poutice) and will need to come back the following day to do the actual surface cleaning. Keep GeorgiaWash in mind when looking to have your driveway, sidewalk, or garage floor cleaned.

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