Pressure Washing Mold Mildew from Concrete

Pressure washing mold mildew from concrete is something that everyone needs to have done. When it rains, which it finally did today 11/29, this stuff can be very slippery. Getting rid of these nasty things from your sidewalk is something that Georgia Wash does every day. Our removal process for normal mold and mildew is 2 steps. First we pre-treat the concrete, brick, paver stone, etc. with concrete wash. This will help break down the nasty stuff and polish up the beautiful concrete underneath. Then we go over the entire surface with our high pressure surface cleaner. this brings up all of the mildew from under the porous surface of the concrete and washes it away. This leaves your surface clean and slip resistant. Exactly how yo want it. Call us or email Justen today, (404)987-0376

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