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2020 Pressure Washing Prices & Services


Residential House Pressure Washing Services

It is very important to keep the exterior of your home clean. It prevents premature aging which reduces maintenance and saves you money. When you compare the relatively low price to the high cost of home repairs, it makes perfect since why home owners choose to have this type of work done on a scheduled basis.
We specialize in low pressure house washing to keep your roof, siding, and trim from being damaged by high pressure. We use a combination of the best chemicals to destroy mold and mildew from your house and rinse it away. Contact Georgia Wash Today, for highly competitive pressure washing prices. single story houses less than 1200 square feet start at $110 and go up depending on level of dirt mold and mildew. We also provide rust stain, and efflorescence removal on a per square foot basis. 2 story homes less than 1500 square feet start at $130 dollars and rise from there. Additional charges for homes with walk out basements etc., as the level of difficulty and amount of time and chemicals goes up.
There is a lot more to a pressure washing business than most people realize. Just because someone has a truck and power washer they bought from a home improvement store, does NOT qualify them as being a professional cleaning contractor. These individuals have completely ruined people’s decks, driveways and homes. & services.


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Roof Pressure Washing

Pressure washing roofs is a little know service that we take pride in. We literally transform your home for a fraction of the cost of a new roof. In fact, we find that most suggested roof replacements were not even necessary.  Our roofing pressure wash process involves very low pressure and is completely safe for your roof.

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Driveways, Decks, Patios, and Sidewalk Pressure Washing

Surface cleaning is another service that we are known for.  We take out time to make sure every spot of the surface is cleaned.  We use large and small circular surface cleaners along with water brooms to remove any excess debris and grime.

Pressure washing prices for a standard 2 car driveway is generally priced between $.08-$.20 per square foot depending on level of dirtiness, difficulty, and stains

Patios that are stone we will need to see, as they may be bound by sand which can be washed away with pressure. These will need to be chemically cleaned.

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Pressure Wash Gutters & Tar removal

Black streaks on your gutters?  This is tar that is dripping onto them from your shingles.  This is ionically bonded as one is positively charged and the other negatively charged.  This is very difficult to remove and will require a combination of high pressure and chemicals to alleviate.

Pressure washing prices for these services are priced differently depending on how much of the gutter has been affected, and the quantity that is bonded to it.

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At Georgia Wash we pride ourselves on quality service at a fair price.  Honesty and integrity are what we strive for.  We want to tell you what your issues are, how we can fix your problem, and what the best pressure washing price will be.  We want to up-front with you. There will be no pushing of extra pressure washing services that are unnecessary. Don’t forget to grab a quick online FREE QUOTE.