The Georgia Wash Founder and Family

Welcome to Georgia Wash, where we bring a personalized touch to property care. Behind the scenes is our founder, Justen Ashcraft, a dedicated individual with a passion for keeping neighborhoods pristine and properties gleaming.

Justen Ashcraft: A Commitment to Community

Justen Ashcraft's vision for Georgia Wash goes beyond professional cleaning services. It's about fostering a sense of community pride by helping neighbors maintain their properties in top-notch condition. With a genuine dedication to enhancing curb appeal, Justen believes that a well-kept neighborhood uplifts everyone.

Family First: Love for His Children

At the heart of Justen's motivation are his two children. Family is the cornerstone of his values, and it fuels his commitment to creating environments where families can thrive. Understanding the importance of a clean, safe space for children, Justen brings a personal touch to every service Georgia Wash provides.

Nighttime Passion: Shooting Pool

When the sun sets, you might find Justen enjoying a game of pool. Shooting pool under the night sky is not just a hobby but a way for him to unwind and recharge. It's in these moments that the inspiration for Georgia Wash often strikes – in the quietude of the night when ideas flow freely.

Culinary Enthusiast: Love of Good Food

Justen is not just a connoisseur of clean properties but also a lover of good food. Whether it's exploring local cuisine or experimenting with new recipes at home, his appreciation for culinary delights mirrors his approach to bringing a fresh, revitalized look to properties.

Wanderlust and History Buff: Exploring the World

In his downtime, Justen Ashcraft indulges in his passion for travel, exploring new destinations and soaking in the beauty of the world. His love for history adds an enriching layer to his journeys, making every trip an opportunity to learn, appreciate, and bring back fresh perspectives to Georgia Wash.

Beach Lover: Seeking Tranquility by the Sea

The beach is a special place for Justen – a retreat that combines his love for the sea, relaxation, and the beauty of nature. It's this sense of tranquility and calm that he strives to bring to every property Georgia Wash touches.

At Georgia Wash, Justen Ashcraft's personal touch and multifaceted passions drive a commitment to excellence. It's not just about cleaning properties; it's about nurturing communities, fostering pride, and creating spaces where families can flourish. Join us in this journey towards a cleaner, brighter, and more vibrant neighborhood.

Elevate your property with Georgia Wash. Discover the difference a personalized touch makes.

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